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The Difference Between Goals and Systems

Does the path to achievement start by setting specific and actionable goals?
Committing to action will allow continual progress in areas that are important for self betterment!

1. Goals reduce current happiness.

When working towards a goal, one is essentially saying they are not good enough yet, but will be when the goal is reached. The problem with this mindset is that it teaches us to always put happiness and success off until the next milestone is achieved. “Once I reach my goal, then I’ll be happy. Once I achieve my goal, then I’ll be successful.”

SOLUTION: Commit to a process, instead of a goal. Choosing a goal puts a huge burden on your shoulders. Placing unnecessary stress on oneself is a typical response to committing to achievement. Keep things simple and reduce stress by focusing on daily processes. When focusing on the practice instead of the performance, you can enjoy the present moment and improve at the same time.

2. Goals vs. long-term progress.

You might think your goal will keep you motivated over the long-term, but that’s not always true. When all of your hard work is focused on a particular goal, what is left to push you forward after you achieve it? This can create a type of “yo-yo effect” where people go back and forth from working on a goal to not working on one. This type of cycle makes it difficult to build upon your progress for the long-term.

SOLUTION: Release the need for immediate results. Systems-based thinking is never about hitting a particular number, it’s about sticking to the process. Goals are about the short-term result. Systems are about the long-term process. In the end, process always wins.

3. Goals suggest control over things that you have no control over.

Predicting the future is impossible however, every time a goal is set, we try to do it. Intricate plans of where we will be and when we will make it there. We try to predict how quickly we can make progress, even though we have no idea what circumstances or situations may arise along the way.

SOLUTION: Feedback via analysis. Feedback and analysis are important for building good systems because they allow you to keep track of many different elements without feeling the pressure to predict what is going to happen with everything.

R.Jenkins, Creative Visionary


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