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Selling internationally, commercially and hanging on the walls of style lovers across the world, R.Jenkins Fine Art allows you to become further acquainted with bold and original aesthetics that engross your visual palette.

R.Jenkins work is most readily identified as the abstract art you immediately "get." The color, composition, lines and materials summon life experiences to the forefront while almost absentmindedly inviting a galaxy of memories and projected dreams to accompany them! R.Jenkins artistic endeavors highlight her seemingly effortless ability to create a new "view" on the most expected adaptations for abstract expression.

Acrylic On Canvas

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Through Acrylic on Canvas you can keep up to date with the latest masterpieces and collections while further experiencing R.Jenkins’ thought process, creative expressionism and design mantra.

R.Jenkins On Fire Collection

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R.Jenkins is available for commissions, design projects, website development, creative direction and advocacy campaigns.

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R. Jenkins

R. Jenkins has an unparalleled connection and unique perspective with aesthetic and design. Embracing a commitment to creatively foster expansion, growth, recognition, and success.

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