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"Brand Everything."

Putting your brand on apparel has always been a winning combination.  Clean, crisp and clear images make the best designs. Create signature recognition with everything you put your logo on! Make a statement.

What is Noir Girl Magic?

The amazing company that commissioned R. Jenkins Designs to create the illustration featured on the model’s clothing below and on the design of the Tshirts that are shown. Noir Girl Magic™ weaves Black culture in your local and global travel experiences. 


From a carry-on, luggage tag or flyy cosmetic bag to a comfortable fashionable jacket, tee, or leggins. Dogmatic in delivering quality in product and experience, Noir Girl Magic™, whether understated or shade-needing-hot, authentically stirs the uniquely familiar magic in you.


Collaborating again to produce a "typography" based design while making a bold statement. 

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branded apparel 

Brand design for screen printing, dye sublimation and DTG.