Creative director

Project Management: From start-up companies to large corporations, R.Jenkins' creative design style generates engagement with measurable results that inform, influence, enlighten, direct and expand audiences. 

Print Design: R.Jenkins has a proven track record of delivering signature print materials that create immediate recognition. Original and innovative designs that complement image, promote brand identity and catapult promotional campaigns. 

Web Development: R.Jenkins website designs meet exposure goals, functionality requirements, and present an intuitive experience for the end user. Complex custom solutions, landing pages, content management systems, and template customization.


Creating immediate recognition

R.Jenkins design style is captivating and uniquely engaging. Her design collections cross multiple visual arts platforms and reflect creative passion. Her creative portfolios are immediately distinguishable from the works of cookie-cutter perspectives through the use of colors that admirably contrast and complement, intriguing lines and layout, and often unexpected mediums, 

R.Jenkins produces crisp, clean, effective designs for paper, print and screen. Rebekah has an unparalleled connection and a unique perspective for aesthetic and design that continues to garner attention from critics, clients and the general public. R.Jenkins' Projects embrace a commitment to serving and cultivating a diverse clientele and audience.



Just because it's Superbowl Weekend does not mean that the creative mind (my creative mind) takes a break to watch and digest what touchdowns are taking place, or not.  


Inspired by the game action, the helmet design was created to represent the uniform likeness our Design Team would wear if we were on the field.  Of course blue, lots of blue and a few other bold colors amidst!

Perhaps the next Superbowl Game will inspire the completion of the uniform. More blue of course on a bed of stretchy spandex like material, how interesting! 

Feeding Fathers on Friday Flyer Design
Prestige Bump Cream Flyer Design
Black Tie Gala 2018 Flyer Design

brand expansion

focusing on image

Brand expansion projects are a favorite. Focusing on the image and how to create immediate recognition is the main goal.  Visual consumption is paramount, signature design enables a fair and equal chance to be noticed.  Getting noticed is a portion of the challenges faced in the competitive world of profiting from your company or product. Make ALL of your impressions count!