fine abstract art

The collection of paintings exhibited by R.Jenkins speak volumes visually.  Color, bold lines, intriguing curves and unapologetic borders easily represent a page from the journal of how we view life.

R.Jenkins has been painting for 8+ years and was introduced to the professional art world in 2006 when she debuted her first abstract art collection at 2nd Floor Gallery, PA.

Each painting has the ability to be interpreted by the individual, leaving the mind free to explore visual concepts on a personal level.

Mixed media including metal, plastics, printed publications and other hardware are most likely to be found on an R.Jenkins Original. Most canvasses are hand built and are 3 dimensional.


32" x 32" x4"

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Defined can just as easily represent the beauty found within constraints, as it can symbolize the beauty to be discovered when we break free from where we thought we were meant to be positioned. Some of the most magnificent efforts are a direct result of us bursting out of the seams and reaching beyond any confines.

abstract cube

original. definitive.

The Abstract Cube was created with decorative purposes in mind.  What begins as a handcrafted square, undergoes several layers of vivid acrylic colors (about 7-10 layers per color.).

The Cubes are crafted in all sizes and come in just about any color combination you can imagine.  Go bold or have yours created in a minimalistic color scheme.

Chicago skyline 

3 dimensional

There are two pieces to this set.  One depicts the skyline in a 3 Dimensional fashion, complete with the Sears Tower. 

(Renamed The Willis Tower in 2009 after the insurance broker Willis Group Holdings leased the naming rights. Many locals still refer to the landmark skyscraper as the Sears Tower.)

Layered Separations

arrives ready to hang

Layered Separations is an elegant 3 dimensional piece that will work well in any setting or environment. A flowing symbol is located under raised sections of mounted textured canvas.