Creative Visionary

R. Jenkins has an unparalleled connection and unique perspective for aesthetic and design, embracing a commitment to creatively foster expansion, growth, recognition, and success.

As a creative visionary and design professional with over 15 years of experience, Rebekah's efforts focus on utilizing the visual arts to highlight a variety of advocacy projects and invite collaborative efforts. Through creative application of artistic expression, significant, purpose driven visual messages are infused into projects involving graphic design and fine arts.

signature design

definitive style

Jenkins’ striking designs in various media set trends.

By creatively incorporating art into every area of life, supporters and participants have been consistently gravitating to the signature services provided.  R.Jenkins' projects embrace a commitment to serving and cultivating a diverse clientele and audience.

diverse professional

pragmatic design approach

Sensibly astute approaches to clients’ visions and goals ensure that Jenkins creates the looks that the client needs and that the marketplace responds to, in the most cost-effective manner possible without a forfeiture of quality.

Digital Designing

visual communication

R.Jenkins is a visual problem solver who provides solutions for objectives and information hierarchy challenges. As a creative professional who loves big ideas, Jenkins revels in exploring the best routes for arriving at exceptional design.

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    Handmade Furniture


Creatively speaking

As a passionate creative professional, my objectives lie within designing signature images that create immediate recognition. I identify design and branding opportunities that substantiate an impact in the world. By using innovative aesthetic elements to communicate visually, my focus is delivering stunning results with every project.


Aesthetics are the key to my motivation. I have developed an exceptionally keen evaluation of overall design and functionality. I’m first drawn to color and placement, then move forward to assess if the visual has created immediate recognition. Typically, my excitement comes from translating my unique perspective into the design layout. Creativity without boundaries is my constant mindset while designing.

Adobe Creative Suite Professional

My biggest technical strength lies in Photoshop, most often used to create and mix signature design magic! Additionally, Illustrator is my chosen route for creating vector branding images paramount to a Branding Specialist. InDesign is my go-to for all publications and document layouts. Acrobat is used heavily for form creation, especially in conjunction with InDesign. Dreamweaver is an old favorite, rendering perfect solution for web design and coding. Premiere would be my weakest and least used Adobe asset, which has been a dauntless process to learn and facilitate, however I have been fortunate to create critically lauded designs.

Brand Design

r.jenkins brands - Design concepts

Collaborative efforts

increase successful odds

The fact is there is nothing more important to leadership and organizational success than collaboration. It exponentially increases the odds of amazing things happening. #CollaborativeSuccess